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      Hand Cuff 'Em

      Hand Cuff 'Em


      Album: The Death Of Adam

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      88-Keys - Hand Cuff 'Em Música y Letra

      Let's go! uh
      [Verse 1]
      Yeah, don't even play yourself
      Wit' cha' [???yay why got??], you haven't saved yourself
      For one minute, you said nuttin's been in it
      Don't act like you was raised in a house with nuns in it
      Uh, I'm not dumb nor timid to the women up the block
      Who be given up the crotch so we can have fun with it
      Yeah, this is a two way street
      Cuz every time I bust my nut, you get something to eat
      Take yo ass and load dis
      In the meat packing district
      You won't find a meat this thick
      Deep in the jungle with ya mac lipstick
      I ain't lying when I say I-
      Fuck your number, what's your Myspace page, girl?
      Now holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs
      Not on me but I put 'em on her though
      Now holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs
      We 'gon do it like it's 'sposed to be done
      We 'gon play a little one on one
      [?gank?] don't fail me now
      [Verse 2]
      Hot Hov, you's out control
      If you think I'm pussy footin' to the pussy you're a dope...
      Head, go front like a rich centerfold
      You ain't hot enough for me to ditch my polo wintercoat
      And don't act, like you know a nigga broke
      Cause that ain't even the case
      I'm quick to put up, the cheese fo' I put up a chase, uh
      Unless she got a big ass, I'll ask her
      For info, straight harass her
      It's like the po-lice, straight harrassin' em-
      Frisk em, slap on these cuffs and fasten em
      Here's my guide, if you wanna be catchin' em-
      Just keep them handcuff keys
      Nearby, til they fall in love, damn that's enough please
      Please, yeah

      88-Keys - Hand Cuff 'Em Música y Letra





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