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      I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon)

      I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon)

      50 Cent

      Album: Curtis

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      50 Cent - I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon) Música y Letra

      50 cent]
       This for the b-tches ni–er,
       I’ll do anything for you (i’ll do x2)
       I’ll do anything you want me to (i’ll do, do, do, do)
       I’ll do anything for you,
       Me, I’ve dun been around the world 6 times,
       A bad b-tch in every part of the world has been mine
       but you can change me, baby you can change me,
       oh sh-t look I’m already not the same see,
       shorty you already make me feel brand new
       im not fun and game girl i swear you do,
       too cold to hold and too hot to handle,
       me and you girl there is nothing we can’t do,
       you like girls, i like girls too, we got something in common,
       now how the hell could that be a problem,
       shorty lets laugh, lets dance, lets drink, lets puff right here, right now,
       shit we only live once
       I should not be reprimanded I cannot be acclaimed,
       my love’s on level 10, im trying to get it in,
       I have you coming down your candy walls,
       get you wetted in Niagara Falls, till you climax thats all,
       You think I’m a fool, cos i do so many things for you,
       I’ll do anything, i’ll do anything
       plus they don’t know the reason
       why i do all the things i do for you
       I mean you should be in f–king love with me,
       look at all this fly shit you got
       I keep a bad b-tch on deck,
       we retro drinking yeah sipping Moet,
       but shorty got ass for days,
       i smack you sit and watch you wave
       putting stress on my brain
       and head game she likes the pain,
       so good i kept buying her things,
       like tennis bracelets and chains,
       diamond rings
       im giving her the finer things, that’s why she don’t complain
       i kinda got her open mayne (man), I stroke that thang,
       im dipping into the globe, we international now, whoa
       thats me and you, you ain’t supposed to understand,
       you know i say some sh-t, i ain’t supposed to say but you know how i feel,
       I should be an arsehole whenever I feel like, look at the sh-t I bought you,
       come on man, don’t give me no headache…come at me with dat bullsh-t

      50 Cent - I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon) Música y Letra





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