Music PlayLists
      1. Temperature Album The Trinity

      2. Body Album Tomahawk Technique

      3. Tomahawk Technique Mashup

      4. I'm Still In Love With You (Feat. Sasha) Album Dutty Rock

      5. Naked Truth (Ft Jhene Aiko)

      6. Punkie versión en español

      7. No Lie (Ft Dua Lipa)

      8. Shout (Street Respect) Album Dutty Rock

      9. How Deep Is Your Love (Feat. Kelly Rowland) Album Tomahawk Technique

      10. Straight Up Album The Trinity

      11. Get Busy Album Dutty Classics Collection

      12. Pepperpot Album Imperial Blaze

      13. Lace It Album Imperial Blaze

      14. She Want Me Album Imperial Blaze

      15. A Word From The Hon. Minister (Skit) Album Stage One

      16. Faded Album Stage One

      17. Infiltrate Album Stage One

      18. Mad Love (Ft. David Guetta, Becky G)

      19. Hold My Hand Album Imperial Blaze

      20. Entertainment 2.0 Album Full Frequency

      21. Daddy's Home Album Imperial Blaze

      22. It's On Album Dutty Rock

      23. My Name Album Dutty Rock

      24. Other Side Of Love Album Full Frequency

      25. Gimme The Light Album Dutty Rock

      26. Shake That Thing Album Dutty Classics Collection

      27. Like Glue Album Dutty Classics Collection

      28. Jukin' Punny Album Dutty Rock

      29. Evening Ride Album Imperial Blaze

      30. Can You Do The Work (Feat. Ce'Cile) Album Dutty Rock

      31. (When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me Album The Trinity

      32. Connection (feat. Nina Sky) Album The Trinity

      33. Top Of The Game (Feat. Rahzel) Album Dutty Rock

      34. International Affair (Feat. Debbie Nova) Album Dutty Rock

      35. Riot Album Full Frequency

      36. She Doesn't Mind Album Dutty Classics Collection

      37. Bruk Out Album Imperial Blaze

      38. Breakout Album The Trinity

      39. Fire Links Intro Album The Trinity

      40. Nicky (Skit) Album Stage One

      41. Examples Of Things Not To Do In Bed (Skit) Album Stage One

      42. Waya Waya (Tal feat. Sean Paul) Album Tomahawk Technique

      43. Dangerous Ground Album Full Frequency

      44. How Deep Is Your Love Feat. Kelly Rowland

      45. Now That I've Got Your Love Album Imperial Blaze

      46. Don't Tease Me Album Imperial Blaze

      47. Got 2 Luv U Ft Alexis Jordan

      48. She Wanna Be Down Album Imperial Blaze

      49. Change The Game (feat. Looga Man & Kid Kurup) Album The Trinity

      50. Baby Boy (Feat. Beyonce) Album Dutty Rock

      51. Deport Them Album Stage One

      52. Touch The Sky (Feat. DJ Ammo) Album Tomahawk Technique

      53. Dream Girl Album Tomahawk Technique

      54. Mental Prelude Album Stage One

      55. Strategy Album Stage One

      56. Take It Low Album Full Frequency

      57. Wickedest Style Album Full Frequency

      58. Head To Toe Album The Trinity

      59. Lately Album Imperial Blaze

      60. You Must Loose Album Stage One

      61. She Want It Album Stage One

      62. Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today) Album Stage One

      63. Baby Boy (Ft. Beyonce) Album Dutty Classics Collection

      64. Tiger Bone Album Stage One

      65. Kramp Up Album Kramp Up (Single)

      66. Police (Skit) Album Dutty Rock

      67. What I Want Album Dutty Classics Collection

      68. Next Generation Album Stage One

      69. Gimme The Light Album Dutty Classics Collection

      70. Dutty Rock (Intro) Album Dutty Rock



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