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      Meek Mill

      Album: Championships

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      Meek Mill - Championships Música y Letra

      Yeah, uh
      All the youngins in my hood popping percs now
      Gettin' high they get by, it's gettin' worse now
      You gotta tell 'em put them guns and the percs down
      Them new jails got ten yards in 'em and that's your first down, uh
      And I ain't come here to preach
      I just had to say somethin' 'cause I'm the one with the reach
      Youngin' gotta quarter ounce, he tryna turn into Meech
      Ain't had no daddy, he's had to learn from the streets
      I used to be a honor roll student, damn
      Then I turned to a beast
      The first time I seen a nigga get some blood on his sneaks
      He had on Air Max 93s but was slumped in the street
      His mama cryin', that did somethin' to me, oh Lord
      The shit I'm doin' for my hood I won't get an Award
      I used to sell Reggie, damn how' I get to the Forbes
      I take a shot, if I miss I'm gettin' 'em boards
      Ain't quittin' no more, like give me some more
      We wearin' Old Navy, it felt like Christian Dior
      Was dead broke but rich in soul, was we really that poor?
      Was we really that dumb? 'Cause we carry a gun
      And every nigga in my neighborhood carryin' one
      'Cause we had nightmares of our mamas got to bury her son
      I'm speakin' to you as a prophet as rare as they come, uh
      Gunshots sound like music hangin' out the Buick
      Why you wanna be a shooter?
      Mama told me not to do it but I did it
      Now I'm locked up in a prison
      Callin' mama like I shouldn't have did it
      Watch my dream shatter in an instant
      I'm on a visit posin' for the picture
      Like I'm going for my prom or somethin'
      Like I ain't facing time or somethin'
      Ride for these niggas like that shit ain't hurt my mom or somethin'
      Only one gon' get me commissary or even buy me somethin'
      When it all fall down
      I can call y'all now
      Even if I hit your phone
      That won't get me home
      Seen so many different times, these niggas did me wrong
      Shit that's the reason that I did this song
      Shit we was kids used to play on the step
      A couple years later we flirtin' with the angel of death
      I was eleven years old, I got my hands on the Tec
      When I first touched it that shit gave me a rush
      My homie's dying I'm like "Maybe we next"
      That just made me a threat
      Knowin' the niggas smoke my daddy it just made me upset
      Made me a man shit I was five when God gave me my test
      Go to court with a court appointed and he won't say object
      Now it's you against the state and you ain't got no cake
      Jail overpopulated they ain't got no space
      I know a youngin' that got murked ain't get to drive no Wraith
      But he in hearse on the way to church, I know his mom gon' faint
      When she smell like embalment fluid, cologne all on her baby
      Pastor said he sendin' you home, she goin' crazy
      When they drop that casket all in the ground, who gon' save me?
      How could you blame me? When I'm tryna stay alive and just survive and beat them odds 
      When niggas die by twenty-five
      When I stop fearin' for my life, when I decide to change my mind and stop totin'
      Tryna smoke the pain away, they lock us up for smoking
      Put 'em on probation, lock you up if you ain't perfect
      Victims of the system like a rain drop in the ocean
      They closin' all the schools and all the prisons gettin' open
      See comin' from where I come from
      We had to beat the streets
      Beat the system, beat racism, beat poverty
      And now we made it through all that we at the championship

      Meek Mill - Championships Música y Letra






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