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      Tom Ford

      Tom Ford


      Album: Magna Carta Holy Grail

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      Jay-Z - Tom Ford Música y Letra

      Coming up, coming down
      Riding clean fix your head in my crown
      Bad bitch, H town
      Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around
      Paris where we been, pard' my Parisian
      It's Hov time in no time, it's fuck all y'all season
      It's Bordeaux and Burgundies, flush out a Riesling
      When Hov's out, those hoes out, y'all put y'all weaves in
      Clap for a nigga with his rapping ass
      Blow a stack for your niggas with your trapping ass
      Spent all my euros on tuxes and weird clothes
      I party with weirdoes, yeah Hov, yeah Hov
      I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford
      International bring back the Concorde
      Numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard
      Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford
      [Verso 2]
      Hands down got the best flow, sound I'm so special
      Sound boy burial, this my Wayne Perry flow
      Y'all know nothing about Wayne Perry though
      District of Columbia, guns on your Tumblrs
      Fuck hashtags and retweets, nigga
      140 characters in these streets, nigga
      Pardon my laughing, y'all only flagging on beats, nigga
      Pardon my laughing, I happen to think you sweet
      [Refrão] + [Bridge]

      Jay-Z - Tom Ford Música y Letra





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