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      West Coast

      West Coast


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      G-Eazy - West Coast Música y Letra

      Six million ways to mob, choose one
      (Some-some-something about the West coast)
      It's something in the water
      (Something about the West coast)
      Ayy, ooh, ayy, ooh (it makes me wanna ride)
      You can't imagine the way that this cash feelin' (ooh)
      Don't know what's harder, the first or the last million (which one?)
      My last album took care of my grand children (ayy)
      You try to win, cracked you head on the glass ceiling (ow)
      What it is, sick wit' it, it is
      The way this money look, I'll be signed to Sony for years
      Micro-dosing 'shrooms and I might just go pop a thizz
      They see that black 'Rari, they know that it's one of his
      Ooh, realest in the room (room)
      Could fill a pool with all the alcohol that I consume (ooh)
      I'm coming this summer, yeah, it's safe to assume (what?)
      I'm finna clean up using Golden State's broom
      West Coast, real town business (ayy, ooh)
      Puma check just got cleared, merry Christmas
      More sales, you catching more L's
      I drove here in a Scraper playin' this on four 12's
      It's all love, yeah, and it's never bad, look
      (Throw ya hands up, let's ride)
      (To the city of the scene)
      (Put it on the one, get your body on the dance floor)
      Blueface, baby (uh)
      (Yeah) yeah aight (aight)
      It's the face of the West Coast
      Been mackin', and I got more bitches than PetCo (been mackin')
      VVSs breakin' and bustin' like the Metro (bustin')
      West Side Yankees, Midtown business (town business)
      Yeah aight, schoolyard to the children (to the children)
      Used to be broke, Cash Money got me healin' (wet)
      You can't show me how to make a mil' 'til you make a mil'
      Welcome to the West Coast, this the best coast (West coast)
      You can find the best hoes and the best dro
      Doin' the dash in the Aston up and down Pico (ooh)
      Freak ho, my pants saggin' 'til the meat shows (ooh)
      Yeah aight, welcome to the meatshow (to the meatshow)
      Two dicks, big pisser and the Glicko (uh)
      (Blueface, baby) (big pisser and the Glicko)
      Yeah aight, I like my money in blue faces, baby
      I like fuckin', all my bitches call me Fucker
      We can't fuck if you can't take the rug burn
      (Blueface, baby)

      G-Eazy - West Coast Música y Letra






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